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Professional Investment Services

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Personal Investment Centre, Palmerston North, assists investors with financial planning, personal savings, Kiwisaver, retirement and estate planning needed to meet their goals. Personal Investment Centre would welcome the opportunity to help you think about your future by identifying your life goals and coming up with a plan on how to achieve them. This could include saving for a house, car or overseas trips, setting funds aside for your children's education, planning for your retirement, insurance cover and estate planning.
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While saving to provide for your future is not a new concept, these days people cannot be assured that the Government will deliver the same level of superannuation in the future as they do now. Increasingly people are being encouraged to take responsibility for saving for their retirement, for example with KiwiSaver. People are living longer and the percentage of New Zealand citizens in the workforce is reducing as our "Baby Boom" generation reach their retirement years. Financial Planning is a life-long requirement, not just for the years leading up to retirement but also managing your financial resources throughout retirement years, which can easily span 30 years or more. We specialise in ensuring our retired investors optimise their cash flow and protect their capital throughout their retirement years with advice from our financial advisers.
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Address:97 Rangitikei St, Palmerston North 4410
Phone:0800 11 22 30

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