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Netfone - Business VoIP in Australia and New Zealand

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Netfone provide dependable, high quality and cost-effective cloud-based VoIP phone systems in Australia and New Zealand. Contact us for a free quote and testimonials.
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Netfone provides leading edge, Cloud based telecommunications solutions for the hospitality and services industry delivering reliable, low cost and high quality phone systems. With traditional PABX systems becoming obsolete and the decommissioning of the current copper telephone networks, Netfone is in a unique position to provide you with a cost-effective system to future proof your telecommunications. Netfone not only provides phone lines, phone calling and toll calling, it’s also a virtual contact centre system with critical hourly, daily and monthly business intelligence to ensure you can maximize resources, deliver on your customer service levels and increase your sales. There is also an extensive suite of hotel features including wake up calls, smart phone web portal and self-managed voice recording configurations to suit your business. Our Cloud based system replaces your existing “old technology” PABX and your existing Telco’s ISDN phone lines and provides geographic redundancy to ensure continuous service provision and excellent call quality. You will retain your existing phone numbers and the installation of the Netfone system is seamless and timely. It’s all digitally possible with Netfone.
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